Find us right across the street at 200 Oakton Ave.

When Matt Draper and Sarah Gray found out that a small winery in Pewaukee was relocating to Richfield, WI, they saw an opportunity. Both had been in the building as guests of the winery, but neither had really looked at the potential of the building. I think it is safe to say that both Matt and Sarah fell in love with this building located at 125 Oakton Ave. The building was absolutely meant to be a tattoo parlour.

Matt and Sarah have worked together for about 5 years at Lakeside Tattoo, where they became great friends. Both had tossed around the idea of owning their own shop one day, but it was more of a dream than anything else. That is, until 125 Oakton opened. The two decided to join

forces and take the plunge! Scared out of their minds, they put down a security deposit and started demolition at the end of February 2018. With their own two hands, and the help of some amazing family and friends, they were able to create their vision. A classy, Victorian era parlour where you can get tattooed, or pierced, or just come in to hang out and play chess.

“We wanted to create an environment where strangers can become friends,” says Sarah.

The lobby is specifically designed to have a ‘living room’ feel to make people feel comfortable and to interact with one another while they are waiting, whether it’s for their turn in the chair or waiting for their friend to finish up their session. The tattoo and piercing rooms are designed to have a very clean appearance. Matt and Sarah feel it is very necessary for their clients to feel comfortable knowing that they are having body modifications done in a clean environment.

Pewaukee Tattoo Parlour officially opened its doors at the end of May 2018. With three tattoo artists, including Matt, Sarah, and Ciaran Korb, and Aimee Robare, of True Gold Piercing, PTP is ready to fulfill all of your body modification needs.

Stop in and hang out!