True Gold Piercing

Piercing Price List

All piercings include plain surgical grade stainless steel jewelry, unless otherwise noted or Requested.

Navel – $45 Gemmed Bar

Nose – $40 Ring or Gemmed Stud

Eyebrow – $35 Ring or Barbell

Tongue – $45 Includes initial Barbell, and a downsize barbell after 3 weeks when
it is healed.

Nipple – $40 for 1, $70 for both – Ring or Barbell

Cartalidge (rim of ear, tragus, etc…) – $35 Ring or Barbell

Advanced cartilage- $40 (daith, rook, helix, snug)

Industrial – $50 Barbell

Conch – $40 Ring or Barbell

Septum – $40 Horseshoe or Ring

Bridge – $50 Barbell

Lobe – $30 for 1, $40 for both Ring, Barbell, or Stud

Lip/Labret – $35 Ring or Labret Post

Monroe – $35 Labret Post

Surface – $80

Dermal Anchor – $60 for 1, $100 for 2

We do run specials for groups, or multiple piercings in the same session.

We do offer upgrade jewelry(gems, etc…) on most piercings.

We do answer any questions you might have about any given procedure.

We do offer piercings not included on this list, just call and ask.

We do not use piercing guns, we use needles. They are much safer and less traumatic.