Ciaran Korb

Ciaran was born in Pretoria, South Africa and moved to the Milwaukee area at age 10. He has loved art and drawing for as far back as he can remember. After getting his first tattoo, he became extremely interested in the art form. In 2005, he got an apprenticeship on the north side of Milwaukee. In 2008, Ciaran moved to Pewaukee and started at Lakeside Tattoo. Ciaran is especially drawn to Japanese style and Japanese influenced tattoos. He has spent a lot of free time learning and researching the history and culture of the Japanese tattoo. Ciaran believes in spending as much time as necessary with each individual design and tattoo to ensure the best result and experience. He believes that tattoos are not just designs, they are a true art form and decorate the ultimate canvas, the human body. He especially enjoys working on large scale Japanese inspired pieces.